I Am A Mom


I am a Mom.  Sometimes I’m a hockey mom, soccer coach mom, “Mom, can you bake cupcakes for my class?”, and I’m also a “special needs” mom.

All of those Mom roles I cherish very much, but none has taught me more than being a mother to a child with special needs.

When my youngest daughter was born, she suffered brain damage.  At seven months old she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  My husband and I knew nothing of what this meant for her future. From doctors, we were given a lot of doom and gloom. We literally began to grieve.  We were grieving over the loss of the “perfect” child we had imagined.  We were fools!

Our daughter has taught us so much over these last four years! First and foremost,  she is perfect.  She has this ability to bring people together with a smile.  Her love and affection can be felt immediately in your heart by the gentleness in her eyes.  She has taught me to look for the beauty in today because the future is not guaranteed.  Lastly, she has taught me to appreciate the small gifts in life, they are the true miracles.

For you new “special needs” Mom’s,  you have no idea how big of a blessing you’ve been given.  The road will not be easy, but I promise you the scenery along the way will be breathtaking!

7 thoughts on “I Am A Mom

  1. Greta Nearing

    Beautiful Robin. You should put all this in book form.
    God couldn’t have picked a better family for Olivia.
    She is a strong, beautiful little girl who you can’t help loving.
    Great grandmother
    Greta Nearing.


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