Big Sister = Bestfriend♡


“In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips” ~ author unknown

The bond between my two girls is nothing short of awesome.  They are more than sisters, they are best friends.
When Olivia was born, Kameron was thrilled to be a big sister.  She wanted to kiss Olivia and hold her hand all the time.  She never left her side. I would hear Kameron in the morning, sneaking into Olivia’s room to talk to her sister through the bars of the crib. Her little whispers to her baby sister were soft and loving.  It was a conversation between budding best friends.

The bond between my two girls continued to grow.  Kameron never “seen” or really cared that her sister was different.   If Olivia had trouble holding a doll during their “playing house” game, Kameron would instinctively help support Olivia’s arm so she could cuddle the doll.  It was at that moment I understood,  Kameron would always be there to support her sister through anything, good or bad.


The first time Kameron came home upset, another child had said Olivia was too big to be still drinking from a bottle and that when you are a big kid, you aren’t suppose to drink from baby bottles; I sat her down.   I told her, sometimes there will be moments in life, when people will only look at Olivia’s differences and they will say rude and hurtful things about it. I told her, in those moments we need to be Olivia voice.  We need to remind them that being different is beautiful.  Being different is what makes us all unique and special in our own ways.  It is only then, that people will be capable to see beyond the disability, and see her true ability.

Kameron in her “grown up” six year old mind, has turned into an awesome advocate for her sister!  She welcomes questions concerning Olivia, living with Cerebral Palsy and answers them with “matter of fact” responses.  I am so proud of her and I know her sister looks up to her everyday!


2 thoughts on “Big Sister = Bestfriend♡

  1. heather hickey

    Princess Kameron has such a loving , gentle nature ❤ Princess Precious Olivia watches Princess Kameron's every move …. you can see the love between them whenever they are at play or just or just being near each other . SISTERS & BESTIES connected with love , ❤ ❤


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