Brother is spelled: L-O-V-E


This blog is inspired by my son Nicholas….

Today, while visiting my kids school, I walked down the hall by Nicholas’ s classroom.  I noticed on the wall, outside of his room was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day display.  Each student was asked to write about, “A Time I Was Thankful”.  As I read through the many entries, some were thankful for their families,  some for their pets, and others for their friends and many other wonderful things.

I came across Nicholas’s entry and it took my breath away.  He begins by saying he is thankful for his Mom and Dad and our dog, Jake.  Then he goes on to say how much he loves his two sisters and how thankful he is for being a big brother, but the sentences that warmed my heart and took my breath away were, “I am thankful when my sister, Olivia was able to walk with a specialized walker and go to school.  I was very happy to be a big brother.  I told my teacher and my teacher told the class.”


Reading those sentences brought me back to the moment Nicholas first met his sister, Olivia. Nicholas was six when Olivia was born.  He remembers vividly the days spent in the NICU, when he would have to slip on this special cover over his clothes, before he could approach Olivia’s incubator.  I remember how he couldn’t quite reach her, so we would push a little stool to the side of the incubator and he would then climb up and reach in to hold her hand.  Nicholas would stand over her saying he was her big brother and how much he loved her. He never left her side.

Now four years later, he is still standing beside her, only this time, he isn’t just holding her hand, he is also holding her heart.

Nicholas is a soul wise beyond his years.  And maybe that comes from having a younger sister with special needs, he has been forced to look at life through different lenses.   Olivia has taught him to see the value in everyday life and to appreciate the special gifts it has to offer.  However, Nicholas has taught her a few things too… the strength that comes from the love between a brother and sister, and the  devoted loyalty that lies in their bond. Through every hurdle she faced, he was there to show his support through love and encouragement and he continues to be in her corner, cheering her on every step of the way!

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero~Marc Brown

3 thoughts on “Brother is spelled: L-O-V-E

  1. Tara Petrie

    What a beautiful way to start my day…by reading this…I should’ve brought extra makeup to do touch-ups on my tearful eyes!!!
    Beautiful Robin, just beautiful!!!!


  2. heather hickey

    My grandson always amazes his nanny . I believe he certainly mature for his age ❤ alway proud of all my Gushue Clan ❤ Princess Precious Olivia loves her big brother .. you can see it in her eyes ❤


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