Educational Assistants a.k.a “Miracle Workers”


This post is dedicated to two women  I feel are angels on Earth.  They are my daughter’s Educational Assistants.   I feel these women get overlooked for the truly remarkable job they are doing.  If you asked them,  they wouldn’t call it a job…they do it because they love the kids they are helping. Well I am pretty damn grateful my kid has these ladies!

When my husband and I decided we were sending Olivia to school in September, it was a decision that didn’t come easy. We feared for our nonverbal, vulnerable little girl.  Would she be understood? Would she be treated with love, kindness and respect? How would she make friends?

The two women who were assigned to care and support Olivia at school would become more than just her educational assistants, in our hearts, they became her angels. These women go above and beyond everyday, not because they are “just doing their jobs”, but because they care.  These people are unappreciated miracle workers! They see the ability in our kids and help them to achieve and succeed.  I see the joy they bring to Olivia everyday in the smile on her face and the excited giggles in her laugh.  I see a new sense of independence in my little girl’s eyes because they worked relentlessly to help her learn to grasp a crayon, in which she struggled so much before.  I see how easily Olivia has been accepted by her peers because they encourage the children to interact and participate in Olivia’s activities. And most important I see the pride and admiration these beautiful women share with us, when Olivia has overcome a challenging hurdle.  

Ladies, in case you have not been told enough, I APPRECIATE YOU! I thank you for the remarkable work you do each and everyday, for the compassion and love you show our daughter, to the relentless hours you commit to helping her succeed, for the grace and kindness you share with her.  You will both forever hold a special place in our hearts.


2 thoughts on “Educational Assistants a.k.a “Miracle Workers”

  1. Kelly Carscadden

    This is beyond fabulous! How it warms my heart to see little Olivia. (Not so little now!) there are good people out there and they should be celebrated. Kudos to you all.


  2. Anonymous

    Nanny was SOOO worried , but I should have know Princess Olivia would RoCk school , was she always does with all the walls she has knocked down .Nanny & Poppy are SO very proud of our baby ❤ Lovr you sweet baby ❤


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