My heart is bursting with so much pride and happiness! Why? Well let me tell ya…

Back in September my husband and I answered a casting call, requesting for any child with a “difference” to be apart of a calendar called “Different Is Beautiful”, created by The Happy Soul Project founder, Tara McCallan.  The calendar was to showcase any differences from freckles to glasses,  to diabetes, Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy and so forth. Tara wanted to help other parents celebrate their child’s uniqueness with the world,  as she had done for her daughter,  Pip; through the creation of The Happy Soul Project.

My husband and I didn’t hesitate for a second,  we knew we wanted our daughter to be in the calendar. We celebrated Olivia every second of everyday and wanted to keep celebrating her! We wanted to shout out to the world that, “Yes! Olivia has Cerebral Palsy,  but she is NOT Cerebral Palsy! Olivia is beautiful and spunky,  she is impish and intelligent, she is funny and curious and she is our daughter.” 

We had the great opportunity of meeting other families and hearing their stories. The common denominator in all was we were proud parents of our children and we wanted to shout it from the roof tops! I don’t think any of us could have predicted the unimaginable success of this calendar. But it was…It created quite the buzz and it was fantastic!  It got people talking and celebrating differences all over the world and to think our little girl helped in creating that chatter,  well….it’s pretty freaking awesome!


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