What I Wouldn’t Give To Hear Her Words


Olivia loves school! You can tell by the huge smile that comes across her face when you tell her, “today is a school day!”. Her entire mood becomes upbeat and giddy, building with anticipation for the moment she sees her teachers and peers.

At the end of each school day, when she is wheeled to greet me at the entrance, Olivia begins to burst with smiles, happy cooing and sounds indicating to me she had an AWESOME day! This moment is always bittersweet because I’m thrilled she is so outrageously overjoyed, but I would give anything to have a moment where her words came gushing, excitedly telling me, “Mom, today was the BEST!”

It’s these moments I find most challenging to accept CP.  It’s a constant tug of war within my heart. This condition robbed my daughter of so much and part of me hates it with every cell of my body, yet it’s a huge part of her.  It doesn’t define who she is, but it’s still part of her and you can’t just love some of your child, you love your child entirely.

I love Olivia more than life itself and it’s this love for her that overcomes the angst I feel towards the CP. The joy she has brought to us and those around her is something beyond words.


3 thoughts on “What I Wouldn’t Give To Hear Her Words

  1. heather hickey

    Princess Olivia may not be verbal … but she sure as heck tells you what she is thinking … Nanny’s little firecracker !! (( Totally understand ))


  2. Holly

    Agreed…what she can’t express with words, you can hear it in volumes with her smile, laugh and even her displeasure…someday you will hear her…once she starts, she’ll never stop…her brain will find a way 😊


  3. Helen

    It’s funny I’m reading this today, lately I’ve been dreaming Olivia is talking to me this is a reoccuring dream she’s always happy in and I wake up feeling good.


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