You Are Not Alone


When we began our special needs journey, I remember how strongly the sense of loneliness swept over us. In that moment you feel there is no one else on this planet that could possibly feel or understand what you are going through. It’s just you, alone in this moment, with the diagnosis. The reassurances from your family that are meant to lift you up, hold minimal weight, and you just continue to feel low and unable to breathe a peaceful breath.

For this main reason, I started this blog. I want new parents who are beginning this journey to know, you are not alone. I have experienced what it feels like to call a hospital your second home, to listen to doctors and specialists debate theories on what your child’s future will hold, to countless hours spent doing therapies with your child, hoping something you do will alleviate the pain they are struggling with.  My child may have a similar or different diagnosis than yours, but the constant that remains are the feelings we special needs parents share. There will be moments of sorrow, frustration, anger and helplessness, but there will also be great moments filled with joy, happiness, peace, a greater appreciation for what a day can bring, and above all, hope.

Our journeys are never easy, you will find some steps along the way to be challenging, but you will discover a strength within; you never thought possible. You will find it hard to except help from others because you’ve developed an “I’m tough enough, I can handle it” mentality,  but remember we are not made of steel, we all have our breaking points. Allow those that care about you to help, believe it or not that willingness is a true characteristic of strength.

You will soon come to realize there are many others walking this journey that are only too happy to help you navigate through yours. Just remember you are not alone.


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