For anyone who knows me personally, knows that I capture every moment I can, on my camera phone. I’m proud of my kids and I enjoy sharing their accomplishments with family and friends via social media.

Recently I went back through my over 1500 photos. It was like watching a movie of the last year, evoking an array of different emotions. Pictures are the evidence that prove our children are growing up before our eyes. In a year I seen not only physical growth in my kids, but also emotional growth. My son is maturing from my little boy into a fine young man, with a big caring heart. My girls are not babies anymore. My eldest daughter is developing into a strong willed, yet very compassionate young lady and our youngest daughter has continued to inspire us with her tremendous gifts of strength, courage and determination, all the while sharing her contagious smile with the world.  I couldn’t be a more prouder Momma!

Reminiscing has strengthened my appreciation in being a parent, that much more. Sometimes our lives can be filled with so much distraction and chaos that we tend to forget all that we have been blessed with. 


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