Mom to Mom


This blog is to the mother today,  who felt it enjoyable to encourage her child to squeal and scream out, while waiting at the doctor’s office. I get it. Your little girl was a real sweetheart and you couldn’t help but want to share her adorable personality with the entire waiting room. But here’s the thing….I bet you chose to ignore the startles and jumps that came from my daughter each time your child screamed. And you also ignored the heartbroken cry that poured from my child, basically begging your little girl to stop. Or how about the numerous times I made eye contact with you, all the while covering my child’s ears and burrying her head into my chest in hopes of muffling the sounds. Why? Because my daughter has noise sensitivity issues. I wanted nothing more than to speak firmly to you, but that would have upset my daughter even more. So I relied on body language and queues,  which I know you acknowledged because you locked eyes with me, but still proceeded to encourage the behavior. You don’t know how I weigh out taking my daughter into public places. How I try to predict if she can tolerate the noise level in certain restaurants,  venues, even family and friend get togethers before we even leave our home. We try to alleviate her reaction by communicating to her about noises we can predict; which she usually can manage, however unpredictable noises, likes screams, squeals or loud bangs, we can’t prepare her for. When those noises are continuous we usually pick her up and leave, but today she needed to see her doctor. Today, I had hoped for downright human compassion from another mother. I hope you see this post and think next time you are around another family, with a child who has noise sensitivity, you will be more courteous and have compassion that their child feels pain every time your child squeals with enjoyment.

3 thoughts on “Mom to Mom

  1. I’m so sorry this happened to you and your daughter; sometimes though as I’m sure you know – people just don’t know and / or understand. Your daughters look very normal and so she may have been thrown off, it doesn’t excuse it – it just may be hard for her to understand.


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