Sometimes Mornings Really Do Suck!


You know what? Some mornings just suck. As hard as I try to always find the positive,  today is just one of those mornings that finding the positive is impossible.

I live in Canada and our winters can often times be more than I can handle; with the 36 below frigid temps, to snow, sleet and the oh so popular half-a- dozen- layers of clothes you need to put on before stepping outdoors.

Today was no different. Only minutes before walking out the door into Queen Elsa’s Winter Wonderland (I have two girls and have seen Frozen more times than I would like to admit ), my daughter Olivia, who recently received a feeding tube, power puked all over me and my living room. Let’s just say the feeding tube is a work in progress for us….moving on….

After getting Olivia’s umpteen layers of puked soaked clothing off, cleaning her up, and redressing her into another umpteen layers of clothing; myself, my daughters Kameron and Olivia all headed out the door to walk to school. Did I mention Olivia rides in a wheelchair?  Yeah…did I mention how awesome it is to drag, pull, hell have to take a running start to get the damn thing through snow? So months before the winter arrived, we applied to have our children bused together, hoping an accessible bus could pick up Olivia, as well as accommodate taking her siblings. We found out that Olivia could be transported, however not her siblings. Sucks right? So here we are months later, me dragging a wheelchair through snow and literally four wheeling it up over snowbanks,  all the while my other two children follow. A two block walking distance took me….get ready for it…45 MINUTES TODAY!

I am summing up this morning just as it was….A morning from hell. Now off to drown my sorrows in a rather large cup of coffee!  Here’s to hoping the rest of the day is looking up!

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