The Girl Wants To Be Heard, People


As a sit here smiling as I type, and to be honest, struggling to form my words; I keep playing back the sweetest, yet hilarious “Olivia Moment” from earlier today. After these last eight weeks, I needed a good laugh.

Before I go there,  I just want to say how proud it made me feel. I mean, for the last four years and five months; I’ve wanted one thing for Olivia…to be “seen”.  As a parent to a child with special needs, you see the judgements from other people’s stares; knowing that if they could see passed her wheelchair, or her orthotic braces, they would really see the beautiful, funny, sometimes mischievous,  intelligent, and loving little girl that is beneath all of those layers.  But today, Olivia taught me something. She taught me, she will make herself seen! She will show the world what she’s made of…for now, she’s gonna show them what it means to be in kindergarten.

Today, my nonverbal child became the disruption, the “Class Clown”!

Yup, you read that right.

As the class gathered on the carpet for quiet time, the teacher turned on some soft, relaxing music. All the kids sat quietly, Olivia included. When the entire room became somber and at ease; Olivia perked up and let out the biggest, most excited laugh; becoming giddy, knowing full well she was getting a rise out of her peers. She was being a typical four year old, who c’mon let’s be real…can’t sit longer than a flea on a hot shovel. 

I can’t help but be excited, to see what other ways, Olivia will teach us all about her.


2 thoughts on “The Girl Wants To Be Heard, People

  1. Anonymous

    She loves to be a ‘ Daredevil ‘ !!! I can believe that she will be a ” class clown” .. she loves to laugh , giggle and play !!! The Nerf Wars are the best .. her and Craig against Nicholas & Kameron . The “airplane ‘ with dad … all of this gives her a reason to be mischievous !! SHE WILL BE HEARD !!! ❤


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