My Two Cents


Last night we attended my eldest daughter’s skate show. Prior to the opening number, the crowd rose to their feet and respectively stood for our national anthem. I immediately noticed, a few rows down from us, the audience had shifted their attention to a family whose child was having a temper tantrum. I couldn’t help but feel compassion for this family.  Not only was their child inconsolable,  but now they were dealing with the looks and stares of about sixty or more people. I don’t know the reason for their child’s upset, it’s not my business nor is it the concern of an arena full of people. I’m sure the parents were doing the best they could to help diffuse their child’s behavior.

Every parent has been there. What we parents need to remember is how we felt in those moments. The anxiety and concern for our child, trying desperately to diffuse the situation; all the while dealing with unwanted stares and sometimes unwelcomed opinions. Also we need to remember, every child is unique. Whatever the trigger was for the tantrum, whether it’s a reaction to an abrupt noise, feeling overtired, anxiousness, feeling hungry, or some other influence;  we as parents need to be more of a supportive community, rather than a judgemental audience.  You don’t live in this family twenty-four hours a day, therefore you can’t possibly understand or know full well the daily challenges this family deals with.

From a Mom who deals with judgements daily, I can firmly express my want for change in this area of our society.


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