She’s A Bit of A Daddy’s Girl



There is an unspoken connection between these two, one that is only understood between a Daddy and his daughter.

To her, he is her wings. Whether he is lifting her up in the air, flying her around the room, shouting, “Here comes Super Olivia! ” in which she squeals happily; letting him know, “More Daddy! I love it”; or holding her steady and supporting her to stand. His encouragement strengthens her determination, giving her confidence to never give up.


To him, she is his “little sweetie”. The little girl that showed such courage in her fight to survive. The little girl whose big eyes look at him like he is the greatest and gives him a smile that tells his heart how much she loves him.


“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me”~Jim Valvano

5 thoughts on “She’s A Bit of A Daddy’s Girl

  1. Anonymous

    I keep reading this over and looking at the pictures ..THIS IS THE BEST BLOG !!! It’s so heartwarming of a wonderful father / daughter relationship ❤


  2. Anonymous

    Dad is her protector , the one that makes her squeal with laughter , and of course … her biggest HERO !!! Love that husband of yours and the father of my grandchildren !!!


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