Team Olivia


Today I cheered from the sidelines while my children participated in a community 1 km kid’s race in support of our local Child Development Center. This was their fourth year competing in this event; only this time it was a little extra special….

My oldest son, Nicholas approached me a few weeks ago to ask permission if he could run with Olivia. He wanted her to experience something different than she had in the past; to race alongside other kids and experience the feeling of friendly competition.


But it would be something so much more…

I’ll admit, I was instantly moved by my son’s heartwarming request to give his sister something he felt she was missing out on. I felt instant pride.

This morning,  as the crowds of kids lined up at the start line, eagerly awaiting the countdown, “ready, set, go”; my stomach echoed flutters of nervous energy. It didn’t matter to me what place they finished. They were a team and I knew they would motivate each other.


As the race began and all of the excited children began to run, I could feel tears swell up in my eyes. I cheered as they ran passed. I caught a glimpse of Olivia’s face and seen the biggest smile come across her face.

Minutes passed and you could see the trailblazers break away from the pack. A few kids sprinted in, closing in on the finish line. First….Second….third place finishers crossed; then a few others approached. Then I seen them.


Nicholas was giving it all he had and Olivia…well there was that smile again.

Nicholas gave Olivia her legs. For a moment she felt the speed and thrill of moving fast, into the wind; the sun shining upon her face.

Olivia was free.


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