My Child Has Special Needs, She Does Not Get Special Treatment Because Of It


I get the impression at times, from others that just because Olivia has special needs we should also be giving her special treatment. Well folks, I’m here to clarify that this is not the case.


Yes Olivia has Cerebral Palsy and it prevents her from verbal communication as well it inhibits her ability to walk…BUT it never affected her ability to learn and understand what’s going on around her. At times we need to modify activities or assist her in managing daily tasks, but as for raising her to be a caring, compassionate and kind individual, we have not detoured away from our parental teachings.


Olivia is raised no differently than that of her brother and sister; meaning Olivia is still taught right from wrong and at times she will get a time out if warranted. Olivia’s capacity to understand her environment is normal and equal to that of other four year old children her own age. She also exhibits the characteristic strong willed behavior of a redhead. We applaud this quality because it is this drive that will lead her to conquer barriers and hurdles that appear throughout her life. Do I overlook her temper tantrums that sometimes erupt out of this testament of will? No way!  She needs to learn like every other four year old that just because they scream for not getting their own way, Mommy isn’t going to give in to this negative behavior.


Children with special needs need to be given the same opportunities, advantages, education, and life teachings as that of “normal” children. Under the Rights of The Child penned by leaders of the United Nations, all children are equal and are not differentiated based upon ethnicity, disability, or economical background.

One thought on “My Child Has Special Needs, She Does Not Get Special Treatment Because Of It

  1. munchiepud

    My son also has CP and people look at me like I’m some hideous crazy woman if I tell him off! Like because he uses a wheelchair he can’t possibly misbehave??


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