It’s going to get better


“It’s going to get better” is such a common phrase consisting of five words, that when put together, give us something to believe in, to hope for. People use it all the time when looking for inspiration to cope and survive their bad days.

I’m a positive thinker. I always have been. I believe that what you put out, good or bad, in some way always comes back to you.

Throughout the last three months our family has had to cope with a lot. Our youngest daughter Olivia recovering from surgery that led to weeks of sleepless nights, back and forth appointments to doctors and late night visits to the hospital. Our family van, “Old Faithful” breaking down in a big city, three hours from home; engine completely shot, leaving us struggle to find a way home, three kids in tow no less. In case you didn’t know, Sundays are by far the hardest day to not only track down a mechanic,  but also to rent a vehicle. Then the possibility of my husband being sent away with his job.

Yeah by this point, my positivity tank was running on empty!

It’s going to get better….I started saying this sentence over and over in my head until I believed it.

These five words kept me from breaking down and giving up.

Are things turning around? Yup. But stuff happens all the time in our lives. There will always be the ups and downs. Everyone has something they are dealing with. It’s not always going to come up roses!

We all have that opportunity to choose how we deal with it. It’s not always easy finding the strength or energy, we have to coax ourselves into believing we can handle what’s happening. I think that’s why the phrase, “it’s going to get better” is a wonderful little five word sentence that compels a person to have hope for the future. I know it sure works for me!

One thought on “It’s going to get better

  1. Anonymous

    ” It’s gets better ” is short spurts in life .Just like ‘things aren’t getting any better .’ The phrase , ‘This to shall pass .’ … they are all sayings so hope is not lost … to keep your soul going . I have to say … your soul is doing what it can … ‘ one day at a time .’ LOVE YOU ❤


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