Olivia’s Lunch Date♡


The highlight of my day, when I’m sitting down reading through Olivia’s daily journal from school, is when I read the sentence, “Nicholas came for lunch today”.


Everyday, since the first day of school; Olivia’s big brother, Nicholas comes to sit at her table, gives her a fist pump and asks her how her day is going. At the beginning of the school year I had no idea he was doing this, until a teacher mentioned he had been coming everyday to the kindergarten classroom to spend time with her.


My heart instantly melted and I filled up with pride. Nicholas was so casual in response to my emotions.  He said,  “I just wanted to check up on how her first day in kindergarten was going. She was really happy to see me”.

It’s this stuff you can’t teach your kids. It’s the deep connection and bond they form with their siblings.


It’s how I know he will always have her back and fight for her when she can’t fight for herself. And it’s how I see the love and compassion he holds for her.


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