A Smile Is A Precious Gift


Did you know we never knew if Olivia would be able to smile? Most parents experience their baby’s first little crooked, curled up grins at around six to eight weeks old. It’s the first real exciting milestone in our child’s life that signifies their reaction to something positive and becomes their nonverbal way of saying, “I love you”.  Well, for us, only time would tell…


Olivia had suffered brain damage at birth and no one seemed to really know what she would be capable of…not even smile. As badly as I yearned for that crooked, curled up grin; I knew we needed to be patient and allow Olivia to develop and reveal her gifts at her own time. Time frames and milestones didn’t matter anymore.


Olivia taught us so much in the early years of this journey. The biggest lesson was to learn to appreciate the things we took for granted everyday. A smile is a precious gift.


At four and a half months old, something very beautiful and downright miraculous occurred.  Olivia’s little crooked, curled up grin began to appear. Her eyes sparkled and it was as if something switched on for the first time.


Her smile has grown to be her greatest form of communication and has been the most symbolic statement to never give up hope.


When Olivia smiles,  you can’t help but smile too…


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