How a Sweet Little Boy Made Our Vacation Extra Special


We are on a mini vacation with our little munchkins. While enjoying the water park yesterday, a young boy made his way across the pool to me and Olivia.

“Hi” he said.
“Hello”, I smiled.
“She is so beautiful. What’s her name?”
Smiling and feeling a bit of an emotional lump in my throat, I reply, “Yes she is. Her name is Olivia.”

I never know what to expect when we go out in public. Stares are a given, especially from adults and older children; but questions are rare and when they come I can never predict if they will be asked sincerely or with ignorance. This sweet little boy’s demeanor was so kind, I almost teared up on the spot.

Olivia immediately smiled back at this sweet little boy.

“Hi Olivia. I bet you are in school?” he asked her. Olivia smiled back letting him know, “yes”.

This little conversation continued a few moments longer between them. He never once brought attention to the obvious, that Olivia didn’t answer one of his questions verbally.

After he swam away I realized this was the first time Olivia’s disability never came into conversation. He didn’t ask or even seem to care that she didn’t speak. He accepted her as she was.



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