Counting My Blessings


I don’t know another person who gets as much enjoyment out of fishing, as my daughter Olivia. I mean, c’mon….does this picture not make your heart smile?


Everything Olivia tries or is involved in, brings awesome smiles like this one. It doesn’t matter if we are creating art through finger paint or heading full speed down a park slide; she enjoys every beautiful moment of life.


Life…hmm, yeah, precious and yet something easily taken for granted.

Each memory we make with Olivia, I remember to be thankful. I remember how we nearly lost her; how we prayed for God, the Universe, whatever greater power that exists, to keep her with us.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for this wonderfully sweet and happy child. A little girl with a gifted smile and contagious spirit. A child that has been a teacher to us; educating our minds to always have hope, to recognize each individual’s abilities, and that living “outside the lines” is a wonderful life to live!


When I look back to the days of doctors telling us to be prepared for the milestones she may never reach and the heartbreak that may follow, I can’t help but wonder why say those things at all. I mean, I get the whole “prepare for the worst” case scenarios, but c’mon…this wasn’t, nor ever will be, the worst.

Our lives are richer and happier everyday because Olivia gets to be our daughter. I cherish that gift. We are completely and wholeheartedly blessed!

3 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings

  1. Anonymous

    Beautifully said .We are , as grandparent are so beyond happy when our girl keeps proving the ‘ professional ‘ WRONG !!! Princess Olivia is a blessing in so many ways … ❤


  2. Joanne Curran

    Hello. Are you the family that came to Pita Pit last Saturday? If so, that was so thoughtful of you!!! I’m sorry I missed chatting with and thanking you. Joanne (Mackenzie’s mom).


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