Thank You For Being Her Friend


When you are a parent, you hope that as your child grows they will form friendships and bonds with others that will enrich their lives. When you are parent to a child with special needs, you deeply want those same relationships for your child,  but fear others will have difficulty seeing beyond the large,  awkward wheelchair, your child’s inability to verbally communicate, and the struggles your child has in keeping up with others her own age.

There is no better feeling than when your fears are proven wrong. The moment you witness a child approach yours with grace, kindness and love.


They don’t look at her wheelchair as something awkward or different. They embrace her for who she is and are eager to be a supportive friend. They giggle with her, even though she has not said a word, but they get her. They can feel what she is trying to say. They want her to be apart of everything they are doing and find ways to adapt their game so she doesn’t feel different.


These are the beautiful moments I have always dreamed for her.

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