I’m Thankful For This Guy


Everyday I’m thankful for this guy. I couldn’t imagine going through this journey with anyone else.


I blog a lot from my point of view as a special needs Mom, but it’s important for me to share that every step along this path has been shared with this guy; my best friend, my anchor (and sometimes my wings), the fella who stole my heart at seventeen and continues to be loving and supportive through all the twists and turns this journey takes us on.

When I decided I wanted to give the world a glimpse into our life; to educate and spread awareness about cerebral palsy, and the ups and downs of special needs parenting and how a family comes together to support one another, he was all in. He believed in my ability to communicate with dignity and truth.

Through every surgery and procedure Olivia experienced he was there with me.  When I needed to stay with Olivia in the hospital, he ran our other two kids to hockey and figure skating and took care of all the household responsibilities; on top of coping with his own emotions of being the dad who wants to fix everything, but knowing full well not everything is within his control.

I’m so happy we could celebrate him today on the day set aside for the unsung heroes.



He sure is our hero and is the best Daddy to these three little rugrats!

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