She Wants To Be A Teacher


This afternoon I sat in a room with other kindergarten parents watching our little ones perform songs they had learned throughout the school year. All those little faces beamed with excitement and pride, including my anxious little red head who near burst out of her wheelchair with enthusiasm!


When the singing was finished, each child had a turn to say what they wanted to be when they grow up.


Thinking about the future is always emotional for me when it comes to Olivia. I have trained myself to stay in the present and only focus on the here and now, when it comes to her. I live by the whole “take it a day at a time” motto, so when this part of the afternoon came about, I’ll admit, I was a bit anxious.

Olivia’s teacher gave her the Big Mack device that is used to assist in Olivia’s communication. She then asked Olivia,”what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Olivia responded, “I want to be a teacher.”

It was at that moment when Olivia’s educational assistant leaned in and said to me, “little does she know, she has been our teacher all along”.

I couldn’t agree more.


One thought on “She Wants To Be A Teacher

  1. Anonymous

    In every picture , her expressions say everything she is thinking ❤ She will be the BEST teacher ever .Experience in life speaks volumes … more than any books will teach anyone ❤ The Amazing , Beautiful Olivia ❤ MY Treasure ❤


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