Who Knew?


Milestones for most are defined by a child succeeding in their first step, first word, or first smile. As a special needs parent, milestones are not something I pay much attention too. In fact, I disregard them completely. I have learned to value the successes achieved on a day to day basis with my child.

Tonight though, a “first” was reached for my daughter Olivia. We have always known that sounds, loud ones, were often difficult for Olivia to cope with. Because of this, we often stay away from concerts in the park or even going to the movies. Tonight however, we decided to make an exception. We are Canadian and today is our nation’s birthday. We were invited to attend a celebration with friends, which we knew would entail an evening complete with fireworks. We were upfront and honest in saying we would make the effort to stay, but that didn’t mean Olivia would be so forthcoming. She had never experienced fireworks before, so we weren’t sure how she would react.

As the skies grew dark and everyone hurried into the large open field, anticipating the launch of the first spark; Olivia grew very curious. Then suddenly we heard a whoosh and a whistle and BAM! the fireworks began. Olivia jumped with the noise, but as soon as the sky changed to dazzling colorful wonder, an enormous smile took over her face.


Olivia got so excited! With each launch of the fireworks, followed by the whistling whoosh, she grew more and more excited, anticipating the burst of color that would fill the sky.


A wave of emotion came over me. The joy that filled her eyes and the wonder that escaped her face through that big beautiful smile, filled my heart with such happiness. In that moment I seen my child loving the spectacular beauty of fireworks, just like the many other children that sat in that big open field tonight.

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