Ramblings Of A Sleep Deprived Momma


The last two weeks have been challenging to say the least. We said our final goodbyes to our ol’boy Jake, Olivia had surgery #4, serious sleep deprivation set in, started a new job, and oh yes…we got a puppy!

Olivia is one week post op since she had bilateral heel chord releases and roughly two days after her surgery we brought home Molly; a female Australian Shephard/Walker Hound mix, which came about after the loss of our twelve year old beagle mix, Jake.



I’ve come to accept that we are a family who thrives in the midst of absolute chaos. I mean this must be true, why else would we continue to engulf ourselves with so many new changes? We are either completely crazy or have  complete disregard for the simple way of life. I’ll let you know about that one at a later time; my brain has gone into “Energy Saving Mode” and can’t at the moment decipher through our rationale.

Any how, Olivia has been recovering fairly well, aside from the frequent nightly awakenings brought on by muscle spasms in her legs, in which myself or my husband spend the next hour to several hours, massaging her legs until the spasms subside. This combined with a new puppy who frequently needs to relieve herself umpteen times throughout the same daunting hours, equals my husband and I basically functioning on auto pilot, grunting at each other like a pair of zombies . Oh and did I mention I started a new job in the midst of all of this? Yeah so I’m still being “trained” since I’m a new hire and I’m expected to read through chapters of policies, procedures, etc., etc., etc….well you get the point, and all my eyes want to do is curl up into the back of my head until they see blackness brought on by ever so sweet Rem sleep.

God I’m so tired. I’m so tired, I actually personify sleep and picture myself saying something like, “Sleep? Hi. Remember me? We use to be friends.” Where then I envision Sleep saying to me,”What we had is over. Bitch, you’re dead to me!”

You know if I could, I’d throat punch Sleep. See what happens when you suffer from sleep deprivation?

I know things won’t stay this way forever. I know Olivia’s casts will come off in two weeks and this will somewhat eliminate the muscle spasms.  I know our new pup Molly will eventually be able to make it through the night without the desire to water our lawn at 2:30 a.m. and every hour after that. I also know that we’ll get back to a routine before we decide to submerse ourselves into chaos all over again.

Have I mentioned how much I love our life and wouldn’t change anything?

One thought on “Ramblings Of A Sleep Deprived Momma

  1. Oh sleep deprivation is the worst! Hang in there…one night you will get some more sleep. I attended a special needs family conference. One person asked how can we pray for special needs families? All the families responded: Sleep! It is so true. Our sleep cycles are often interrupted.


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