It’s Not So Black & White


In the four and a half years that I’ve been Olivia’s Momma, I’ve had the privilege of viewing life from any entirely new perspective; in which I have experienced great joy, been taught as long as you have love, you have everything you need, and I’ve also been witness to the harsh reality of stigma surrounding special needs in the form of ignorant comments, long uncomfortable stares, and sorrow filled glances.

Olivia having Cerebral Palsy doesn’t define who she is, but unfortunately most see her as a child in a wheelchair with awkward movements, who sits quietly, observing the world around her.


But life isn’t so black and white….even the life of a special needs child.

Olivia is a four year old who loves watching her favorite show The Wiggles, getting kisses from her puppy…


Being silly with her Momma…


And even big giggles when Momma blows raspberries on her cheek!


She is inquisitive with the world around her..


She loves spending time playing and having fun…


She is creative…


And loves to fish…


So you can see, my daughter doesn’t need pity. She is full of love, happiness and joy, as every child should be. Never underestimate the ability, strength and perseverance of a person with special needs.

Becoming a parent to a child with special needs is like adding color to life that was in black and white.

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