Four Years Later And We Are Still Going Strong


Four years ago we packed up our three kids and moved half way across the country. Besides the routine stresses of settling into a new home with three little ones; we had just received our daughter’s diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. Along with the boxes and suitcases we packed, we also packed away all the emotions that came from this.The emotional time bomb that was lying dormant within us, would explode soon after.



The raw, emotional carnage was something we could have never prepared for. The tears we shed, followed by bursts of anger and frustration that echoed throughout our four walls ricocheted like bullets piercing our hearts over and over again.

We were fighting a real emotional battle.

I have never experienced anything so terrifying, devastating and completely numbing as I did the day we were given Olivia’s diagnosis. I believe I went into emotional shock and I feel my husband would agree he did the same.  When something so profound happens, it’s as if our mind, body, and soul go into self preservation mode. Someone once said to me, “You are only given what you can handle.” I don’t believe this statement. I believe it is in our instinct to survive. We make the decision to either throw in the towel and give up, or we stand tall and face it head on. That’s all there is to it!

We chose to stand tall, face this thing called Cerebral Palsy and give our daughter every opportunity to the best life possible. We dealt with the grief, the anger, the frustration and found resolve.

Four years later, as I sit in my home; looking around at the four walls that were once witness to so much anguish, I see the love and strength that supports them. I hear my children’s laughter and take pride in my family’s happiness. I know there will continue to be bumps in the road along this journey, but I also take comfort in knowing we have the strength to persevere.



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