What Will Tomorrow Bring?


I think the hardest thing about being a parent is accepting no matter how badly you want to, you will never be able to give your child everything they need.

I’ve known this reality since the day of Olivia’s diagnosis, but I never truly accepted it. I guess somewhat, in a distant part of my mind, denial became my safety net.  By not fully accepting the diagnosis, maybe cerebral palsy wouldn’t affect her to the capacity predicted. 

I know it sounds completely crazy, but as a parent, how do you wholeheartedly accept that your child will have limitations for the rest of their life? You might put your best face forward and learn everything there is to know about the future possibilities. You attend all the therapy appointments, physician consults, support meetings, etc, etc, etc. You become an advocate, bringing awareness and blogging about raising a child with cerebral palsy. You do the absolute best, that you possibly can; to understand everything there is to know about this incredibly selfish condition, that has robbed your child of their independence.

It’s been a bit of a high wire act finding the balance between all of it. In the end, hope is all you have left.

Hope is an incredible gift. It has the ability to inspire and fulfill the sometimes empty feelings of despair. It’s not fueling your mind of miraculous occurrences because that would be setting yourself up for a big let down. Hope is allowing yourself to believe that tomorrow has possibility. Tomorrow a cure could be found. Tomorrow a technological breakthrough could discover a way to give my daughter her legs back. Tomorrow, maybe just maybe, cerebral palsy won’t touch another family.



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