Ramblings of a Sleep Deprived Mom


When you become a parent, your appreciation for sleep changes. You’re no longer that asshole that took for granted the privilege of uninterrupted, hybernationlike zz’s. No, you know better now. Sleep is beautiful. Sleep is crawling into a soft, cozy cacoon of flannel and cotton sheets, surrounded by warmth and utter gloriousness  (if that’s even a word), only to drift into a deep coma of REM where you are completely unaware of the pool of drool forming on your pillow while you bask in the dreamy sanctuary of heavenly slumber.


I miss sleep.

Who am I kidding, I am deeply mourning the loss of sleep.

I cry, heck…I sob like a toddler whose been refused a treat at the candy store, with the quivering lip that repeatedly asks, “w-w-whhhhyyyyy????”

Buckets of coffee can’t undo the affects of lost sleep. The large grey, zombie like circles that surround my eyes, the endless yawning, drunken stupor and frazzled look of despair are still there. There is only one cure for all of this. Sleep.

To all my fellow sleep deprived, caffeine infused, walking vegetables of the earth; I feel you. Fist to chest, respect.

May the sleep be with you.

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