An Army Of Butterflies


The sun couldn’t have shone brighter today as friends, family and school community came together in droves to participate in our local Child Development Centre’s annual race fundraiser. As special as this event was, it was even that much more remarkable seeing a community come together to remember and honor an extraordinary little girl.


Each one of our Team AOS shirts was decorated with a purple butterfly over our hearts. This was in honor of a beautiful little redhead with a smile as breathtaking as sunshine that moved an entire community to honor her memory through simple, yet extraordinary random acts of kindness and we called it “Bryleigh’s Butterflies”.


Bryleigh holds an incredibly important space in my heart. She and Olivia were bestfriends that shared more in common than most. Both beautiful ginger girls shared big, warm smiles and the ability to gravitate others to them just by being their adorable, sweet selves and both warriors, taking on the daily struggles and challenges Cerebral Palsy brought to them….but you’d never know it because these girls loved to laugh!



The bond they shared was one spoken beyond words. Witnessing them interact and communicate in their own way was a truly special moment. I know Olivia misses Bryleigh everyday. I see it in her eyes when she enters the classroom they once shared. I also see it when she is surrounded by the friends they once played with together. She misses her in her own way, as we all do. Participating in “Bryleigh’s Butterflies” brings us all a little closer to Bryleigh once again.

So if it so happens that you receive a purple butterfly along with some act of random kindness, you can be sure it was given to you to put a smile upon your face. I once read that a single smile can change the world, well Bryleigh changed all of ours for the better. Think of each purple butterfly as a smile from Bryleigh, a beautiful gift that will forever impact your life.

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart and I’ll stay there forever”~Winnie the Pooh


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