Wouldn’t Change a Thing


It’s that time of year that military families are all too familiar with; posting season. So like many other military families, we have listed our house and are making preparations for our new relocation. Recently I sat down with our agent and was having some casual conversation; feelings about living in a new area, settling the kids into new schools and the usual “new move” stuff. Then we began speaking about my youngest daughter, Olivia; her having Cerebral Palsy and the benefits to moving closer to a children’s hospital in another province. Both of us being mothers, she reminisced about how fast time passes and how quickly her daughters grew up, but that she had been “so blessed to have healthy children” and “I don’t know how you do it”. We get this sympathized remark often. It’s an honest assumption most people make when finding out that you have a child with medical fragility and various challenges. They see before them a parent who is wearing exhaustion like an old, worn out t-shirt and can’t comprehend what life must be like for them.

Well, let me be the first to tell you, life is really pretty wonderful. The exhaustion sucks and I’ve completely forgotten what eight hours of uninterrupted sleep feels like (and I drink way too much coffee), BUT, every morning I get to walk into my little girl’s bedroom and see her big smile shining back up at me. The previous night of waking every hour, rubbing her back to help calm her dry heaves, helping her through another seizure and (or) rocking her as she cried through pain; it’s gone…vanished with that big, beautiful smile. The smile of a very courageous child who has bravely learned to live with chronic pain.

For as many hospital stays, surgeries, procedures, therapies, there has been an astounding amount of celebrations for taking supported first steps, splashing around in the swimming pool, watching her eyes light up when a butterfly landed on her wheelchair, happy giggles from tummy tickles, experiencing the joy of swinging high on a swing set and so much more! Our lives have been filled with so many blessings! I ask myself everyday, “how did I get so lucky!? What did I do to deserve so much love?”


I look at my three children and can’t help but feel a great sense of pride.


Our family is in no way perfect, but really is anyone’s? All families face challenges and all of us celebrate together. That’s part of being a family.

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