Six Years Old Already 


It’s late and I’m in my usual pre-bedtime snuggle cuddle with Olivia. She’ll be six this week, on Friday actually. Six. I know every parent asks themselves, when it comes to their child growing up, where did the time go? But seriously six years…

Our story…her story; it’s not sad or pitiful. It’s quite the opposite. She is a survivor. Her courage, inspires our strength. You see, Olivia’s life began with the biggest challenge of all, the fight to live. And that’s been her unspoken mantra since. Every single day, my baby girl lives with the utmost positive conviction. She wakes up smiling, greets her bus driver with a warm, infectious grin and comes home at the end of the day with so much love for her family. She’s our sunshine.

For six years, I have held her close and rocked her to sleep, every night of her life (well pretty much, give or take a few nights). I’ve had roughly 2,190 sleep deprived nights (and counting), disrupted by cries of reflux pain that lead to vomit soaked sheets, cries of confusion because yet another seizure, or tossed aimlessly on a hospital pullout while she recovered from another procedure/surgery. 
I have sang to her nine times in an operating room, while she drifted off to sleep, then sat and prayed in a waiting room until I knew she was safe.

I have witnessed her endure unspeakable pain and courageously overcome incredible feats. I have been her cheerleader, her therapist, her teacher, her advocate and most importantly, her Momma.

I have cried in private, I’ve screamed out loud, and I’ve shattered into pieces more times than I’d like to admit.  Because for every day we celebrated, there were many extremely difficult challenges to overcome; surgeries she would need to endure, support we didn’t have and dealing with financial hurdles; trying to secure equipment she desperately needed to improve her quality of life, all the while trying so hard to find that balance of a family of five.

Six years….they’ve given us hope and oh, so much love. They’ve made our family complete and brought us closer together.

As I sit here, watching her breathe, her little fist resting on my thigh and the feeling of her red head begin to sweat upon my chest; I thank God for blessing us with her life. I thank God for giving her the strength to fight and for gifting her with this incredible light. I thank God for letting me be her Momma. 

We will celebrate happily and wholeheartedly of all she has accomplished, all she has endured and all she will continue to do. 

Happy birthday our sweet, beautiful girl 💚