Day of Acceptance


How many of you have ever heard of the Day of Acceptance? To be honest, I only discovered it last year, but it’s certainly a day that needs more recognition and one I will forever celebrate. Watching the changing world we live, I can’t help but wonder what it will offer my child when she is grown. Will we still be advocating for equality, inclusion and acceptance within the disabled community? Today we are and everyday past, we have. I can only hope that with the abundance of awareness days, such as this, we as a society will be able to expand our sight and discover the beauty in diversity and embrace the many vast abilities we all comprise.

Day Of Acceptance is a day dedicated to social acceptance of disability and also to honor the late Annie Hopkins, founder of 3E Love and the creator of the International Symbol of Acceptance. You can learn more at

Did you know that in Canada, more than 5.3 million Canadians live with some form of disability and of that 5.3 million; 200,000 of them are children? I would safely gage that many of you have had classmates, coworkers, friends and/or family members with a disability, but have you ever carefully considered the social barriers or astronomical financial expenses they have had to endure? If so, have you ever advocated on their behalf? If not, why? Because I’ll tell you, disability is something that has the power to touch us all! We are not immune to powers that be, that in any insant could profoundly impact the life we know today. This is why accessibility, inclusion and acceptance are EVERYONE’S responsibility!

“Disability only becomes a tragedy when society fails to provide the things needed to lead one’s daily life”~Judith Heurmann

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