It takes a village


These last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. I decided to take a big step towards starting a not-for-profit organization. The words of encouragement and support have been amazing and have kept me boosted, when endless documents and administrative duties have gotten to me.

But the best words came last night…and they weren’t pertaining to my new endeavour; although the message behind them were the inspiration that lead me on this journey: inclusion and acceptance; they were about teaching.

Teaching occurs numerous times throughout our every day life, although we probably don’t stop to think how often we are actually learning from our experiences, varying perspectives, or time spent in classrooms.

Teaching is a beautiful ability, with substantial power to influence perspective.

When Olivia was born, my life mission became that of changing perspectives through educating others about Cerebral Palsy. I wanted the world to know that disability did not mean less. I wanted to change how the world seen my child and other children like her. I wanted my child to grow in a world that accepted her, in spite of her differences. I wanted a world that embraced change.

The message I received last night filled my heart with such love and gratitude and showed me that Olivia has a village behind her, doing just the same.

Olivia’s teacher, Mrs. Christie, is a beautiful soul who is making our world a little more compassionate and understanding. Mrs. C has been teaching her students how to communicate with Olivia, who uses eye gaze technology, by teaching the entire class how it works. She conducted an entire science lesson with eye gaze, where students could only answer questions using the eye gaze board! How freaking amazing is that!?

Teaching opportunities such as this, have the immense capability of changing perspectives and showing how different does not mean less, rather differences can be fun, amazing and incredibly interesting! These are the kinds of teachable moments that will impact our future generation, smashing down invisible barriers that generate ignorance, intolerance, prejudice and discrimination.

From a Momma who has been fighting this fight for a long time, thank you to Mrs. Christie and the many other amazing teaching staff at Olivia’s school, who work incredibly hard to instill these messages in our future generation.

3 thoughts on “It takes a village

  1. Shannon

    As the mother of another student in Mrs. Christie’s class this year with Olivia, I too thank you BOTH for teaching my son these valuable lessons of inclusion and not only acceptance but appreciation.
    My son shared recently that it was his turn to play the eye-gaze game with Olivia, and was full of joy and understanding as he described the details.
    I consider my son very fortunate to share a class with Olivia and those who support her. Thank you for sharing. ❤

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