Tomorrow My Baby Turns Eight


On the eve of my baby girl’s eighth birthday, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Gratitude that I get to be her Momma, and for every day that I have been able to place butterfly kisses on her sweet little face, to feel her love for me through precious smiles, for being able to see how she impacts the lives of those around her, and how she is an authentic teacher. Her ability to captivate and inspire others about acceptance and the possibility in everyone is amazing.

Eight years ago, we didn’t know if she would survive her first moments. Eight years ago, I couldn’t imagine this day and, if I am being totally honest, these last eight years have not been for the faint of heart. Some have been the most difficult, and downright soul crushing years of my life, but many have been filled with joy, happiness and celebration because this beautiful, spunky girl of mine has been hell bent and determined to overcome. She has taught me that everyday is a gift; one to be deeply cherished and celebrated.

So tomorrow, with members of our family and some of Olivia’s dearest friends, we will do just that. We will play her favorite games, blast some of her favorite tunes and stuff our faces with her favorite Costco cake! Because by jaysus, this red headed firecracker of mine, deserves it all! Happy 8th birthday my beautiful girl! Xo