Olivia’s Year: Grade Three, Here She Comes…


Today our daily routines officially switched from laid back, wake-up-when-you-damn-well-feel, to waking up to alarms, bustling around the house and getting out of the house on time for the bus to arrive. Yup, we are in full swing of the back to school season!

It’s all good though. Getting back on track and routines situated after a restful summer, brings with it a sense of renewal. We all needed this reset and are eager to see what this new school year has in store.

For instance, last year was a tough one for Olivia. She endured a tremendous hip reconstruction surgery that took an immense toll on her, both physically and mentally.

The impact lead to almost two months of missed school. Missing that amount of time impacted her ability to catch up on the work she had missed. Knowing how much our girl loves school, like seriously LOVES school, we felt it only right to have her repeat her current grade. Yes we considered how friends would move on to the next grade without her, but we also knew that it’s a great opportunity to meet new ones; growing that beautiful circle of friends even more. We also knew how unfair it would be to push her ahead, without her having the foundation of information from her current academic year. I mean, how could she retain and understand new information in the next level, without having a solid understanding of the previous work?

So here we are, believing wholeheartedly in our daughter’s ability and how she absolutely deserves every opportunity to succeed. Call it a “do-over” year, a repeat year, or whatever you want; we choose to call it Olivia’s Year. Because damn it, she deserves a shot at showing she can do it…and we know she will.