2020…you’re definitely a year I won’t soon forget


As I sit in the warm glow of the lights on the tree, the world still and quiet, and my family sleeping; I can’t help but reflect back on this year 2020.

The shutdowns, job loss, adapting to public health guidelines and implementing restrictions into our daily lives. Learning to navigate a new path, while attempting to preserve normality. Struggling to organize fearful thoughts, while at the same time struggling to find and provide calm. For many, this was a first; but for our family this has been life and we navigated this year, in much the same way we have navigated life these last ten years; day by day, with care, caution and a kind heart.

2020 has brought with it, its fare share of heartbreak (lord don’t we know), however for us, it also brought our family closer together, and I am truly grateful for that. The precious memories we have had the privilege of making through this time, and the opportunities to help and give back to our community has been precious to our hearts.

Building a garden and growing our own food, finding joy in the calm and finally reading that book that I had sitting on my nightstand for months, watching my girls laughing together at a movie they chose, and seeing my son be the best big brother, pretending to like it too. Starting a new business with my bestfriend (my hubby) and sharing in the joy and happiness because he is so talented at what he does. Witnessing strangers and community members bringing joy in the form of a vehicle parade to a family whose child is battling cancer, school children bringing in donations for turkey dinners for families in need within their school, neighbors checking in those that are living alone, kids making hundreds of Christmas cards for seniors living on their own and in care facilities, a local pilot flying over neighborhoods and communities striken by loss or who are in need of hope, and drawing beautiful images in the sky. Communities coming together to support local businesses, because these are our fellow neighbors and friends and they need us. And all those kind, small gestures that sometimes go unnoticed. These are the things that I will remember most about 2020.

As this year comes to an end, and many of us can’t be together like we had hoped, I want to extend a wish of peace, hope, health, happiness and prosperity to every one of you. May 2021 be gentle, allow our hearts to heal, and bring us all closer together again ❤.